List of Technologies

3D Printed Mask

3-D printing is used here to produce a prototype of face mask. This type of face mask could be useful low-cost option for common people during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Intubation hood or Aerosol box

During covid19 time, doctors require a transparent hood during carrying out treatment procedures such as intubation. These can also be used during any oral examination by dentists.

Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

This Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser is used to automatically press and release the hand rub alcohol based sanitizer bottles comes with a hand pressing system at the top by using a sensor and a motor system.

Insulated Coffin with a provision of ice pack

To preserve the dead body for about 10-12 hours during this pandemic situation of COVID-19, a temporary thermally insulated coffin is developed @ CSIR-IMMT.

Foot operated hand washing system (Hasta-Suraksha)

To restrict the spreading of novel pandemic CORONA virus (COVID-19), CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar has developed an innovative way of hand washing system operated by foot without touching with hand the water and liquid soap dispenser.

Disinfectant Spray (JeevNasI)

The world is facing an unprecedented difficult time in the wake of COVID-19.It is thus imperative to develop an effective aerosol-based spraying system that uniformly spreads a minimum amount of disinfectant, while covering the maximum area.

UV disinfectant

This UV chamber has been developed with 125 W UV bulb and a rotating base fitted with a shutter door to disinfect personal belongings like masks, key rings, currencies, hanky, tissue, papers, bills etc.

Sanitizer, Liquid Soap, Soap bar and Herbal Disinfectant

CSIR-IMMT has developed cost effective sanitizer, liquid hand wash/soap and soap bar with various variant of flagrance e.g. Neem, Lemon, etc.

Hands-Free Hand Sanitizer system

To restrict the spreading of novel pandemic Corona virus (COVID-19) and other such microorganism at later satge, CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar has developed an innovative way of hand sanitizing system operated by foot without touching with hand the sanitizer/liquid soap dispenser.

Herbal disinfectant

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, the need of cheap and abundantly available antimicrobial cleaning solutions is of great importance as it will be required to clean frequently used surfaces for a long time to come.

Sanitizing Bin (For Healthcare Facilities of COVID-19)

Handling COVID medical wastes is the biggest challenge for sanitizing/health care workers nowadays due to the fastest community spreading of corona virus. In contemplations of the present situation and taking care of public health, CSIR-IMMT has developed Sanitizing Bin for safe handling of medical/health care wastes generated from COVID-19.

Herbal Hand Sanitizer

70% isopropyl alchol acts as a disinfectant killing all surface microorganisms. Aloe vera, rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties is used for healing, soothing and hydrating effects.