Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser is used to automatically press and release the hand rub alcohol based sanitizer bottles comes with a hand pressing system at the top by using a sensor and a motor system.

Manual hand pressing sanitizer hand rub are being used in hospitals and other places. The top of the hand sanitizer is required to be pressed to dispense the alcohol based hand rub sanitizers.

During CORONA/COVID19 time it is highly desirable that these are automatically pressed when the hand is brought nearer to the dispenser and required amount of liquid is made to fall on the palm.

The contactless sanitizer machine developed by CSIR-IMMT uses a low cost sensor and motor system to push and release the dispenser top so that the required amount of liquid is released from the dispenser.


  • About to be licensed
  • Automatic press and release
  • Sensor controlled
  • Compact and effective
  • Economic & Safe system